Group Training

Are you looking to increase your fitness, burn off body fat and have fun with your friends? Group training sessions are the perfect option for people who enjoy making new friends and having fun.

Sessions are held in the fitness centre at Pacific Bay or outside in the beautiful landscaped gardens of Pacific Bay. Sessions will include exercises such as:

• Boxing
• Circuits
• Cross fit
• Running
• Theraband

All sessions are 30 minutes and are held at scenic locations throughout the Coffs Coast.

Group Training Time Table

6:30am 6:30am 6:30am 6:30am 6:30am
6pm 5.15pm 6pm 5:15pm


The best stress buster around. This session contains boxing drills and combination giving you one of the most effective cross-training workouts available. This session will burn mega calories as you use both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Outdoor Circuit
This express group training program is specifically designed to target all muscle groups. The workout contains short sprints, weights, kettlebell training, plyometric exercise and anything else that gets your heart rate pumping!

Indoor Circuit
This fast, energetic workout utilizes the fantastic facilities at Pacific Bay Resort. A full body workout including treadmills, rowers, weight training and core conditioning.

Fit Ball
Discover the many uses of the popular fit ball, train your core like never before.

The best type of exercise to strengthen stomach and back muscles. Incredibly good for toning and shaping muscles.

Healthy Backs
This is a light workout designed to give you greater strength through your core muscles including your stomach and lower back. Perfect for anyone with lower back injuries.

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"I've been going to the personal training sessions with Tom at Exceed and Excel, and my fitness has increased dramatically! As a personal who lacks motivation and is increasily busy I find the 30 minute sessions and the follow-up support a great asset in my goal to be a happier, healthier person. Thanks Tom!" -


I have been a part of Tom's group personal training for 8 weeks now. I used to put off exercising with every conceivable excuse in the book (too tired, not enough time, too busy..). Exercise has now become a habit and something I look forward to. I go three times per week and cannot believe how good I feel after each session. I feel a real sense of achievement and have noticed some fantastic changes in my everyday life - more energy, positive attitude and I actually feel & look younger in my body. Just recently I have had some lovely comments from people who have also noticed these changes.

Tom is always so supportive and encouraging, however I would also describe him as 'firm, but fair'! I forget about work & other life challenges whilst I am exercising, which calms my mind - I've noticed I'm much more productive at work as a result.

I look forward to continuing this lifetime habit!

- Karina Morrison

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