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"I've been going to the personal training sessions with Tom at Exceed and Excel, and my fitness has increased dramatically! As a personal who lacks motivation and is increasily busy I find the 30 minute sessions and the follow-up support a great asset in my goal to be a happier, healthier person. Thanks Tom!" -


I have been a part of Tom's group personal training for 8 weeks now. I used to put off exercising with every conceivable excuse in the book (too tired, not enough time, too busy..). Exercise has now become a habit and something I look forward to. I go three times per week and cannot believe how good I feel after each session. I feel a real sense of achievement and have noticed some fantastic changes in my everyday life - more energy, positive attitude and I actually feel & look younger in my body. Just recently I have had some lovely comments from people who have also noticed these changes.

Tom is always so supportive and encouraging, however I would also describe him as 'firm, but fair'! I forget about work & other life challenges whilst I am exercising, which calms my mind - I've noticed I'm much more productive at work as a result.

I look forward to continuing this lifetime habit!

- Karina Morrison

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